There’s a blitz of new television movies...

There’s a blitz of new television movies on CBS this week. Real-life events inspired three of the films, while a detective novel provided the lead character for a fourth.

Coming up Monday is “Unholy Matrimony,” starring Patrick Duffy and Charles Durning (seen on cover) and Michael O’Keefe. In this fact-based story, Duffy is a detective investigating a murder involving a minister and a man with a double identity.

On Tuesday, Lee Remick plays the title role in “Jesse” as a nurse living in Death Valley who is accused of practicing medicine without a license. Scott Wilson (with Remick in cover photo) portrays her husband. A 1965 California case was the inspiration for this film.

Thursday night will bring “Leap of Faith” starring Anne Archer and Sam Neill (together on cover). The real-life events depicted in this film involve a couple who refused to accept the wife’s fatal medical diagnosis.


On Friday, Ben Masters stars in “Street of Dreams,” inspired by the novel, “Good Night and Good Bye.” In his private detective role, Masters becomes involved with Morgan Fairchild (with him in cover photo).

All four air in the 9-11 p.m. time slot.