Farewell to 'Frank's Place'

So, the excellent "Frank's Place" has been canceled by CBS while lesser shows thrive ("CBS Puts 'Frank's Place' Out of Business,' " Steve Weinstein, Oct. 5).

I guess we're supposed to think CBS Entertainment President Kim LeMasters is a great guy because the show wasn't canceled a long time ago, but it seems that CBS is as much at fault here as the viewers who didn't watch the show.

Every week we had to search the TV guide to find out when or if it would be shown. How can a show develop an audience if the potential audience doesn't know when it's going to be aired?

It's almost as if CBS executives wanted the show to fail--they couldn't figure out how to "market" it to the viewers, so they pushed it into the corner and hoped it would disappear.

Now excuse us while we fire up the VCR so we can watch the episodes of "Frank's Place" we've been taping over the last few months--sort of in memoriam.



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