Photo Jogs Memory

Memory stirred when I saw that marvelous picture by Barbara Martin of the multi-tiered garage at Community Concourse in downtown San Diego (Sept. 27). And even more struck by the caption which ended: "So far, no one has gotten lost."

At least one couple has! My husband and I, longtime Symphony-goers, parked there for years, so we knew winding around and around and descending snail-like, and some years back, timorously, for then this was the glory road of young, wild skateboarders who practically grazed descending wheels.

One night, arriving late, we wound up and up, till a vacant spot loomed, and rushed to be seated. Afterward, joining the milling throng, waiting for inadequate elevators, when we finally got to ascend, we discovered we must have gotten out on the wrong floor. Up and down, for it seemed at least an hour--till finally, in desperation, we went outside--it was raining--found a phone.

Police concurred the car must have been stolen when they could not find it either. It was posted as a stolen vehicle. We drippingly found a cab--and home.

Next day, we went back and, sans the crowds and young, we searched again the relative bareness. At length, we saw our faithful buggy, waiting all alone for its folks. We had to laugh--although it was not exactly funny.

As we drove forth and onto the freeway, my husband suddenly turned to me and said, "Do you realize we are driving in a supposedly stolen car? The first policeman could stop us!"

No one did. But I had to remember--and it IS a splendid picture.


La Jolla

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