AFI to Honor Gregory Peck : ‘Old Gringo’ Gets the Brass Ring

Veteran screen actor Gregory Peck will receive the American Film Institute’s 1989 Life Achievement Award.

In making the announcement Friday at the Beverly Hilton, the new chairman of the board of AFI, Gene Jankowski, said:

“As the 17th recipient of this prestigious award, Gregory Peck joins a distinguished group of individuals who have made enormous contributions to American film heritage. It was the intention of the AFI board of trustees, in establishing this award in 1973, that the masters of film and television might take their place in history along with the leaders of the other arts.”

Co-chairman George Stevens Jr. added, “The distinguished career of Gregory Peck contains a number of landmark American films, a body of work that is marked by sustained quality and a unique dignity of performance.”


Peck, 72, whose film career has spanned more than 40 years, is a five-time Oscar nominee. He was named 1962’s best actor for “To Kill a Mockingbird” and has his first major role in several years alongside Jane Fonda in “Old Gringo,” due next year. He is also an active supporter of many charitable, political and film industry causes.

Others who have received the award include Jack Lemmon, John Ford, Fred Astaire and Barbara Stanwyck.

Peck will be honored March 9 at the hotel. The ceremony will be televised at a later date on NBC.