She’s Suffering From a Plaque Attack

Georgeanne Bruner, who is visiting in Santa Monica (and used to live there for many years), is looking for a Broxident toothbrush, made by the Squibb Co. Can you help with a source Bruner can sink her teeth into, or will she continue to bristle because we may have given her the brushoff?

For her brother who lives back East and is 5 feet, 6 inches tall, Pauline Wolfe of Ventura is trying to locate some tall men’s boxer shorts (any color) in Size 38. Can you help, or will Wolfe’s brother not be able to stand tall in public because we’ve come up short on the West Coast?

Fran Miller of Laguna Hills would like to find some Yardley’s Brillianteen for her husband, who seems unable to locate it. Can you help keep him covered, or will both of them tear their hair out because neither one can keep on top of things?

D. L. Burgess of San Diego wonders where she can get a chrome holder for straws similar to the type found in ice cream shops years ago. Can you help by getting hold of a source, or will Burgess wonder whether she’s clutching at straws because nobody gives a lick any more?


Reader-to-Reader Help Line: Alice at (818) 985-5757 would like to get a copy of “Cruise of the Zaca,” a documentary film produced in 1946 by Errol Flynn and released by Warner Bros. in 1952; she wants a videotape made of one reel. Please see to it that Alice gets a real taste of Hollywood in the ‘50s. . . . Virginia at (619) 745-4193 needs the hardware for the 5-inch glass louvers in her 35-ye a r-old house ; today’s hardware, she says, is made for four-inch louvers. Please see to it that Virginia won’t have to ring down the curtain at home; the best we should tell her perhaps is that people who live in glass houses shouldn’t. . . . Dorothy at (619) 582-0720 would like to slip into some Size 8 Dr. Scholl’s Sashay shoes , preferably in dark blue; she says they are no longer made. Please be on your toes and make sure that Dorothy can step on it again.

Note: The Reader-to-Reader Help Line is only for one-time items or for products no longer available in stores. And you must give us written permission to publish your telephone number, so that others may contact you directly.

M. Christofferson of La Crescenta, who was looking for innersoles filled with water, no longer need be at the foot of the class. Alice Pierret of Santa Barbara and V. B. Eddas of Alhambra say the most recent catalogue put out by Carol Wright Gifts, 3601 N.W. 15th St., P.O. Box 8569, Lincoln, Neb. 68544-8569, lists these soles at $2.95 a pair.

Good news for Patti Garrity and the others who were looking for black Maybelline Cake Mascara. Donna Hites of Alta Loma informs us that the makers of Maybelline, to whom she had written about that very same problem, told her that the product would be on the shelves again around the beginning of next year.


For Shirley Prothero, who wanted a Rolodex-type recipe file, we have only two mail-order sources. Mrs. P. A. Field of Los Angeles says both Miles Kimball, 41 W. 8th St., Oshkosh, Wis. 54906, and Walter Drake & Sons, 68 Drake Building, Colorado Spring, Colo. 80940, carry the item.

More on anti-skid backing for small carpets. Milli Garza of Culver City says Standard Brands Paint carries Stick ‘Um Down, a liquid anti-skid spray, for $2.98; it is manufactured by Altawood Inc. of Gardena.