Clipboard researched by Susan Greene, Dallas Jamison and Rick VanderKnyff / Los Angeles Times. Graphics by Doris Shields / Los Angeles Times

Landfill Size Estimated Land Site Location (Acres) Fill Date Owner Coyote Near Irvine, 722 March Irvine Canyon at intersection 1989 Company of Coyote Canyon & Bonita Cyn. Rds. Olinda Near city of Brea, 464 1994 County of located at end Orange of Valencia Ave. Prima Near San Juan 1,524 2008 County of Deshecha Capistrano, at Orange end of Lapata Ave. off Ortega Hwy. Santiago Near city of 158 1990 Irvine Canyon Orange, west of or 1991 Company Irvine Lake off Santiago Cyn. Rd.

NOTES: These landfills are classified as Class 3 (accepting only solid nonhazardous and inert waste). Inquiries and information regarding dumping motor oil: 1-800-559-2962; pesticides and paints: (714) 447-0284; residential asbestos: (714) 834-8514; workplace asbestos: (714) 834-7717.

Cost to dump large loads: $6 per ton, plus additional 12 cents per ton surcharge; $2 per automobile; $3 per pick-up truck; $4 per ton hard-to-handle items and $35 per ton for vehicle tires (Coyote Canyon does not accept tires or construction debris).

Source: County of Orange, GSA/Waste Management Program.