Bewitching Chill Is Due for Weekend

Times Staff Writer

A spine-tingling chill in the air and high clouds floating across a waning moon will make for bewitching weather this Halloween weekend.

A weak weather front will move through the area, bringing partly cloudy skies and cool temperatures, National Weather Service forecaster Wilbur Shigehara said.

“This cool-type weather will continue into Halloween,” Shigehara said. “Little ghosts and goblins will want to bundle up when they go trick-or-treating.”

Some sunshine, however, is expected to break through the overcast mornings, especially inland, Shigehara said. The coast may have to wait until late afternoon for any clearing.


High temperatures at the beaches will range from 63 to 67 today right through the weekend, Shigehara said. Overnight lows should be 58 to 62.

Cooler Than Usual

The ocean water temperature will be near 62 degrees, with surf in the 2- to 3-foot range.

Inland highs ranging from 71 to 77 today and from 70 to 76 Saturday and Sundays are forecast. Night temperatures will be chilly, from 50 to 58.


“The inland areas, such as Poway and Fallbrook, are pretty cool for this time of year,” Shigehara said. “It was 76 degrees in Poway on Thursday, and it should be closer to 80 for this late in October. Fallbrook, too, fell short. It only reached 70 on Thursday.”

Mountain areas will be fair and clear with a few high clouds straggling by, Shigehara said. Ramona and Alpine residents, however, may notice more cloudiness as the coastal clouds are expected to climb as high as 4,000 feet over the weekend. Highs will be 67 to 72 today, but a nippy 58 to 65 degrees through the weekend. Overnight lows will dip to 35 to 45, and a brief frost may be seen in the early morning, Shigehara said.

San Diego County deserts will also be clear and cool, barely nudging into the 90s through the weekend. Overnight lows will be in the mid-50s all three days.