County Elections Promise More Than a Measure of Controversy : Yorba Linda Schools Annexation Issue

As residents of Yorba Linda and parents of kids who have gone through the Yorba Linda School system, it has been interesting to follow "The Great Debate of '88'--whether the Yorba Linda School District should annex to Placentia. What concerns us is that possibly all these discussions are clouding the common sense of many of the voters.

Placentia Unified seems to be like our distant cousin when things are going bad at home. They're telling us how wonderful things could be in the future and also suggest many extras to make our lives better. Do we in Yorba Linda need to give away "our house (schools), our cars (buses) and the money in our bank account" to our distant cousin who's promising vague but wonderful things? If we do, we must realize we're putting our future and the future of our children's education in his hands.

We have good schools, good teachers and we believe there are always alternatives to what is painted as a "grim" picture. Let's solve our own problems in YLSD and not buy the sales pitch from our distant cousin. Just vote NO on annexation.


Yorba Linda

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