County Elections Promise More Than a Measure of Controversy : Measures H and I on Costa Mesa's Ballot

What will a yes vote on Measures H and I (Segerstrom's Home Ranch project) mean to Costa Mesa?

The multistory buildings will allow for over 75 acres of the 100-acre site to remain open space. More than 2,000 trees will be planted on the first phase alone in and around the gardens and public recreation areas.

There will be better traffic flow due to significant street and freeway projects. A badly needed fire station and police sub-station will be built north of the freeway and there are many more benefits from the project for our community.

The beauty and quality of all the Segerstrom projects has made a powerful impact on the appearance and the positive image of Costa Mesa. Our city's revenue and property values have benefited greatly.

A yes vote on Measures H and I will ensure continued quality development in Costa Mesa.


Costa Mesa

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