County Elections Promise More Than a Measure of Controversy : Cityhood Proposal for Saddleback Area

" 'Betsy Ross' Leads Angry Homeowners in Cityhood Foray" (Oct. 20):

Dale White stated that her group did not purposely exclude two streets in Laguna Village from the proposed Saddleback City's map, thereby denying them the right to vote on valleywide incorporation.

I do believe her statement. I do believe it was unintentional. I do believe they could not get something as basic as a map right.

It was an oversight, but it was not her group's first. The first was overlooking the lack of people support for the cityhood proposal when their petition drive failed. (They then used a loophole and got the Santa Ana Mountains County Water District to sponsor it.)

That was intentional oversight. And what's worse? Intentional, unethical oversight, or unintentional stupidity, as in the case of the map?

Neither speaks well of the proposed city's founding fathers.


Laguna Hills

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