Health Care Stances

Nine out of 15 North San Diego County 1988 candidates for federal and state offices took time from their busy campaigns to answer a health care questionnaire sent them by our organization. We didn't hear from Leo McCarthy or Pete Wilson, nor did we receive replies from Daniel L. Muhe, Mary Christian, Sunny Mojonnier or Arnie Schoenberg.

Health care is a primary concern of many voters in the Nov. 8 election, and we felt that your readers might be interested in the answers of the remaining candidates.

The candidates were asked questions including their opinion on a state or national health-care plan, long-term health insurance, increased funding for research on brain-related disorders, more satellite mental health facilities, group housing for the mentally ill, treatment centers for the mentally ill, more adult day health care centers, public assistance screening agencies and increased funding for the National Health Service Corps.

In most cases, responses followed along party lines: Libertarians Bill Holmes, John Murphy and John Flanagan said no on all questions.

Howard Greenebaum, Mike Harman and James Melville, all Democrats, said yes to all questions.

Bill Bradley, Bob Frazee and Ron Packard, Republicans, said yes on their willingness to sponsor legislation that would increase funding for satellite mental health facilities, group housing for the mentally ill, adult day health care centers and centralization of public assistance screening agencies. Bradley, Frazee and Packard were not in favor of a state or national health care plan and Packard indicated he would not support Claude Pepper's long-term, in-home care act when it is reintroduced.

These answers have helped our members to decide how to vote on Election Day. Perhaps your readers will be helped, too.


North County Health Care Coalition

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