Top of the Class

<i> Compiled by the Fashion88 staff</i>

Well, folks, he’s just won another poll. As of Nov. 2, vice presidential-elect Dan Quayle heads the Tailors Council of America’s list of the 10 best-dressed men in America. Council president Jack Taylor (really) noted that “although Quayle may have been criticized in many areas, his choice of wardrobe is above criticism.” Other spiffy men on the list: actor Eddie Murphy, hockey hero Wayne Gretzky, Chrysler chief Lee Iacocca, comedian Don Rickles, businessman Robert H. Burns, philanthropist Monty Hall, New Orleans restaurateur Jimmy Moran, ABC news anchor Peter Jennings and real estate developer Allard B. Roen.

Flower Power

The City of Beverly Hills’ float in the 1989 Tournament of Roses Parade will feature five couples dancing, and, sorry, there won’t be anyone you recognize, not even fancy footworker Contessa Cohn (of Sunset Boulevard billboard fame). These dancing people will be made entirely of flowers, naturally, and will stand 20 feet high. Now for the fashion news: Standing next to the flower people will be six real women dressed to the nines (or should we say eighty nines?). Bob Mackie and Adolfo just announced that they each will provide one gown, and local merchants Saks, I. Magnin and Fred Hayman Giorgio Beverly Hills will supply the rest.

Jump to It


Statuesque Sigourney Weaver didn’t look at all like Dian Fossey (whom she plays in “Gorillas in the Mist”) when we spotted her last week at Donna Karan’s New York fashion show. Weaver’s blonde-ish brown hair was attractively tousled, and she was all decked out in one of the hottest styles of the season: a one-piece, black cashmere jumpsuit. Weaver was sardine-packed into an elevator after the show, but she got more oxygen than anyone else because she was at least a head taller than the rest of the crowd.

Most ROSE mantic Couple

Southern California’s Most Romantic Couple will get married aboard a float during the Rose Bowl Parade on New Year’s Day. The pair will also win about $50,000 in prizes, have a wedding reception at Pasadena’s Huntington Hotel and Cottages and enjoy dozens of other pleasures conferred by Bullock’s, the Huntington Hotel, Southern California Bride’s Magazine and K-LITE radio, all of whom are sponsors and judges in the event. Names of the winning couple will be announced on Dec. 3 at the Music Center, where the country’s leading bridal gown designers will show their spring lines. Entry forms are available at Bullock’s.

Alice in Wonderland


The Red Shoes dance-wear boutique, once located in Pasadena’s Old Town, reopens in South Pasadena on Dec. 1. Owner Alice McIntosh says she was forced into closing her original store when parking became a problem. Since then, she’s been concentrating on a mail-order business, sending off pointe shoes by post to clients, such as actress Paula Prentiss. McIntosh is all excited about the new location. “It’s quaint and very ‘Red Shoes’ish,” she tells Listen, reminding us of the 1948 film starring Moira Shearer.

Chin Up

Beryl Ann Bentsen will not become the nation’s Second Lady, but she did manage to get the First Lady treatment shortly before this week’s election. On a visit to Los Angeles, Bentsen stopped in to have her skin cared for at Aida Grey’s Institut de Beaute in Beverly Hills. Says Grey, who’s taken care of Nancy Reagan’s skin for the last 22 years, “She (Bentsen) has very nice skin and a lovely face. We cleansed it with a special fruit enzyme treatment that is used to brighten the skin.” Bentsen also had her hair and makeup (in lavender and violet tones) done at the salon and took home several of Grey’s Regeneratrice products.

Silk Dreams

You’ve worn silk, but have you slept on it? L.A. interior designer Van-Martin Rowe tells Listen he stopped by designer Norma Kamali’s new home furnishings shop in the Soho section of Manhattan last week, and Kamali was there, tending her first collection of sheets, chairs and sofas. “The shop is all in black and gold,” Rowe says, “and the furniture’s all upholstered in black velvet. One sofa had a fabulous black and gold fish-scale sequin ‘throw’ tossed over it, and Kamali explained that it serves a double purpose. The shawl has a button in one corner and a loop on the other, so you can wear it as an evening wrap if you take it off your sofa.” But Rowe’s favorite Kamali “invention” is washable stretch silk sheets, in a pale ivory shade. “They’re a wonderful idea and I think she’ll make a fortune on them,” he confides.

Coming Attraction

So you love Anne Klein clothes? Tell it to Louis Dell’Olio, the man who designs them. He’ll visit Bullocks Westwood with his spring collection on Jan. 27, after guesting at a Sprint charity fashion show the night before.