Auto Real Culprit in Losing Quality of Life

Dick Turpin was right on the mark for focusing attention on the real culprit in our community, i.e. transportation and the automobile (Oct. 9).

Those of us who have been involved in community plans, know that our efforts fall apart when it comes to how to deal with transportation. Yet this fact gets lost in rhetoric about growth. I'm convinced that even if we didn't build one more square foot of space in Los Angeles, we would still experience a deterioration of our quality of life and congestion of our neighborhoods--because we continue without a balanced transportation system.

Fortunately, Mayor Tom Bradley and the Los Angeles Transportation Commission, have had the foresight to press ahead with Metro Rail and light rail lines to serve Long Beach, the Century Freeway and the Marina/North Coast. While those solutions aren't perfect, they're a start.


Los Angeles

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