'Coyotes Threaten Our Health, Safety'

I was extremely pleased to read your article regarding coyotes in the Beverly Hills and Westside communities (Times, Oct. 16).

Unfortunately, our dog was brutally killed by a coyote in our back yard approximately 2 months ago. This was a horrible experience, which we still anguish about.

We reside in the Bel-Air/Holmby Hills area and have found that coyote-related problems have grown to enormous proportions. Coyotes are now visible day and night in our community and are threatening our safety, health and welfare.

For the benefit of our community, our children, our safety and general tranquility, I have requested our councilman, Zev Yaroslavsky, and (Mayor) Tom Bradley to step forward with some type of plan or action that could . . . minimize and curb the growing infestation of coyotes in our neighborhood. Unfortunately, our representatives have failed to even respond to the request.

I hope and trust (the) article creates greater awareness to this very real problem and saves someone from experiencing the misfortune we experienced.


Bel-Air/Holmby Hills

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