Partisan Politics in Laguna Race

The Laguna Beach City Council is a nonpartisan office. I understand that throughout the history of Laguna Beach, even with many vigorously fought campaigns, no one has interjected partisan politics into the election.

It is most inappropriate that Don Black had no fewer than three mailers interjecting partisan politics into our Laguna Beach City Council election. One was signed by Jim Schlegel urging support for Don as "the only Republican running," and attacking Neal Fitzpatrick as a "liberal Democrat." One listed Don as the Republican slate choice "keeping the Reagan revolution alive." And, unbelievably, one listed Don as the Democratic slate choice.

The Democratic slate choice was, of course, an attempt at pure deception. Gov. Michael S. Dukakis and Lida Lenny may have appreciated the free exposure provided by the former president of the Laguna Beach Republican Assembly as the asterisk on the mailer signified that Don's campaign paid for it.

Laguna Beach is a special place, and I want to keep it that way. I am outraged at this kind of partisan and deceptive politics, and we must not ever let it happen again.


Laguna Beach

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