Lufthansa Discounts

Lufthansa again is offering a rail pass, through next March, for nine days of unlimited second-class travel in West Germany and Austria. The pass, which costs $69, has to be bought in the United States.

You have to fly round trip on Lufthansa. Although you can fly on any fare, your flights have to be Mondays through Thursdays.

In conjunction with Avis, Lufthansa also is offering a free car for one week in West Germany or Austria. Two people have to travel together Monday through Thursday on any of Lufthansa's regular fares, excluding its non-refundable Special Saver fare (the offer is valid, however, with the carrier's APEX fares).

Your car is reserved by Lufthansa when you make the initial booking, but you must make your own reservation at least 14 days before arrival in Europe. Just show your Lufthansa ticket at the Avis counter at the airports at Frankfurt and other major German/Austrian gateways.

You also get unlimited mileage. However, obtaining any insurance/collision damage waiver coverage involves optional payments. Gas, of course, is also extra.

In addition, you have free drop-off privileges when you return the car to an Avis station in a city served by Lufthansa, as long as it's from the same country where you picked it up.

For example, you can pick up the car in Frankfurt and return it in Dusseldorf without extra charge. But you wouldn't be able to return the car to Mainz, where Lufthansa doesn't land. Similarly, you could pick the car up in Vienna and return it at no extra cost to other Austrian cities served by Lufthansa that have Avis stations.

This program is also valid through March. Contact travel agents or Lufthansa toll-free at (800) 645-3880.

Meanwhile, KLM is continuing its offer of a nine-day Rhine Country Rail Pass good for unlimited second-class rail travel through Holland and West Germany. The cost is $75, with the pass good through March, and is only available in the United States.

You have to fly round trip on KLM to Europe.

Flying round trip on KLM also entitles you to the Happy Holland Bargain.

You can get your first night's accommodations in Amsterdam for $20 to $45 U.S. per person, depending on the hotel. A continental breakfast, round-trip bus transfers between the airport and downtown Amsterdam, and discounts on attractions also are included.

Contact travel agents or KLM at (800) 556-7777.

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