The Search for Remedies to Problems of Growth

The Oct. 20 article "Slow-Growth Measure in San Clemente Voided" was good news. The courts have ruled that it is unfair for local government to place all road improvement responsibilities on builders. The no-growthers who drafted the initiative were shortsighted in trying to place such a responsibility on any single group in the community.

The positive thing about the decision, however, is that it puts the weight on all of our shoulders.

Growth helps all of us. The problems we encounter belong to all of us too. I am a member of the building industry, and I am proud of what our industry continues to contribute to solve problems like transportation. I am also a member of the community. The court decision should be a loud message to all of us that each one of us has a role to play in successfully planning the future of our communities.

It is not a growth versus no-growth battle. We are growing. The court's decision puts us all at the same level, or all on the same side. Let's work together, builders, education, business people, environmentalists, all of us, to make Orange County's future good for all of us.


Huntington Beach

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