Atheism Views

Why did The Times give atheist Stephen Thorne and his "unbelievers" so much recognition and publicity ("Atheist Group Tired of Bearing County Crosses," Nov. 14)? That's what they want.

The idea that Balboa Park cannot house the Christmas manger scene (creche) is appalling. The idea that hillsides cannot display crosses is shocking to the millions of people who enjoy these serene, peaceful, inspirational scenes.

What do these objecting atheists think made this grand, proud and beautiful United States of America? Our Founding Fathers in 1620 landed at Plymouth Rock, fought for religious freedom, and thanked God in our Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, Gettysburg Address, silver dollars, other coins, and you name it. We are now a United Nations of America because of our generosity of opening our arms and hearts to the entire world.

Do they want to obliterate Thanksgiving Day (a tribute thanking God for His goodness) and Christmas (a time for peace, harmony and good will among men)?


Rancho Santa Fe

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