Deaths Mar Holiday in S.D.

New Year’s Eve in San Diego County:

One man was shot 3 hours before the old year ended; he died hours into the new year.

A driver was jailed after his brother died in what police described as a crash fueled by alcohol.

A quadriplegic was briefly kidnaped in a car by two armed men, and then dumped alongside a dark highway.


And a teen-ager, apparently caught up in the noise-and-fireworks revelry of New Year’s Eve, fired several shots into the air from a pistol. Then he accidentally fired a fatal shot at his head.

“This New Year’s Eve was a very busy night for us,” Lt. Michael Blakely, a San Diego police spokesman, said Sunday afternoon as he sorted through a log of crime incident reports.

At the same time, without releasing any hard figures on the number of arrests, law enforcement agencies throughout the county said it appeared that the number of New Year’s Eve drunk-driving cases had declined.