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<i> From staff and wire reports</i>

They’re betting that rose futures will look pretty good in 100 years.

The upright Tournament of Roses folks are going underground--burrowing a place for a stainless steel time capsule to be opened at the end of what they seem utterly certain will be the second hundred years of rose parades.

Into its inert-gas chamber went:

- The lasso that Western star Montie Montana--veteran of 55 rose parades, 10 horses and three wives--once used to rope in President Eisenhower.

- A cutting from the Tournament of Roses rose--preserved, says a spokeswoman, so that the diggers of 2089 “can replant it so it will grow into a rose bush,” evidently in case there aren’t any roses left by then.


- A bottle of specially pressed Cabernet--they may not have that in 100 years either--and a letter from outgoing tournament President John H. Biggar III predicting that women will be involved with the tournament 100 years hence.

- The size-7B “lucky shoes” of Rose Queen Charmaine Beth Shryock. Like the slippers in the “Wizard of Oz” book, they are silver, but clicking the heels together will not return the wearer to 1989.

- A letter from two-time Grand Marshal Shirley Temple Black. The letter, says the spokeswoman, was sealed, and its contents are unknown. Where’s “Carnak the Magnificent” when you need him?

Coming soon: “We Are The Mir ,” or glasnost goes vinyl.

Now that the music world has gotten to like the idea of records as fund raisers, they’re at it again, with “For You, Armenia,” a single whose sales will benefit the Glendale-based Armenian Relief Society’s fund to aid victims of the Dec. 7 quake in Soviet Armenia.

Such crooning luminaries as Liza Minnelli, Dionne Warwick, Sammy Davis Jr. and Jack Jones have enlisted to record the song, co-written by French singer Charles Aznavour, himself of Armenian heritage.

Songwriter Paul Williams is assembling the English verses, whose lyrics in rough translation include “Springtime will bloom again, and happy days will come,” with a chorus that approximates “Even if today you are cursing your fate, in your eyes we want to see a ray of hope, Armenia.”

The B-side, says producer Larry Cohen, is “They Fell,” a “more political” song Aznavour recorded some time ago, about the genocide of Armenians during World War I.

And as was the case with “We Are the World,” the Jan. 29 recording session for “For You, Armenia,” will be filmed for a documentary.

Tarzan, that long-suffering noble savage, has worn a lot of things in his time, from a loincloth (Johnny Weismuller) to a business suit (Mike Henry) to a toupee (Elmo Lincoln, Tarzan No. 1).

But Tarzan No. 18--the latest--swung by Thursday in a plaid jacket. No matter. You can’t keep a good ape man down, regardless of his haberdasher.

Four of the once and future kings of the jungle got together to warble the call of the wild on the set of the umpteenth Tarzan production, this one a two-hour humor-adventure TV pilot filmed in Hawaii, New York and Burbank.

Joe Lara, the newest Tarzan, turned down a Stanford volleyball scholarship offer to be an actor. As for the plaid jacket, get used to it--90% of this movie takes place in Manhattan.

On the heels of your 1040 tax form arriving in the mail comes other financial tidings: TRW’s real estate market information survey.

In 1988, they tell us, $48 billion was spent on real estate in Los Angeles County.

Worked out to its basics, that sum probably ended up buying five houses, eight condos and a mini-mall.