Remembering Amy in Head and Heart

I have read several pieces by Theroux in the past, most of which I have enjoyed. However, I have begun to notice a disturbing pattern in her writing--she likes to play God.

The first story that comes to mind is one about a severely deformed puppy born to the Theroux’s dog. Rather than leave the poor creature with its mother and littermates, where sustenance and comfort could be provided, she removed it to some back corner of her utility closet to die a lonely and probably painful death. Humane euthanasia at the vet’s was apparently never considered.

Now again, Theroux has taken it upon herself to pressure two desperate young people into a decision regarding the life or death of an infant. She can’t even seem to allow the child’s parents to have a private conversation--she eavesdropped when asked to leave the room.


I am sure Theroux is well-meaning, but she always seems to feel that she knows best and is going to see to it that her will prevails, a will that prefers to get rid of whatever is ugly, undesirable or unpleasant, like the puppy.


La Crescenta