San Diego

An alleged gunman wounded by San Diego police in a K mart store in Scripps Ranch pleaded innocent Friday to several charges.

A wheelchair-bound Ben Perrin, 24, is accused of shooting a police dog Nov. 15 and exhibiting a weapon in a threatening manner. A SWAT team was called after the gunman held police at bay for more than nine hours.

Perrin was shot repeatedly by police after he allegedly shot the dog, which attacked and bit him. He has been in the hospital since the incident.

San Diego Municipal Judge Charles Patrick set a preliminary hearing for Feb. 3.


Patrick set bail at $50,000 but ordered a bail-review hearing for Wednesday.

During the November confrontation, Perrin allegedly grabbed a .22-caliber rifle from K mart shelves and loaded the gun with his ammunition. He did not take any hostages.

The store and 11 others in the shopping center on Mira Mesa Boulevard were evacuated.

Perrin was reportedly upset over breaking up with his girlfriend and said at the scene that he wanted to commit suicide.