San Diego

San Diego’s most-wanted fugitive is behind bars, police announced Monday.

Timothy L. Wilson, 33, was arrested Friday in Lancaster and is being held without bail in the Los Angeles County sheriff’s substation there. Wilson reportedly was trying to steal an ultralight aircraft when he was apprehended, San Diego police spokesman Bill Robinson said.

Wilson was wanted in San Diego on a $250,000 warrant for selling and manufacturing methamphetamines. An alleged associate of the Hells Angels motorcycle gang, Wilson has an extensive history of weapons violations and was considered armed and dangerous, Robinson said.

Wilson--who is known to his associates as Sleeze--was described by police as a drifter with no permanent address. He was believed to have been evading San Diego authorities since June.


At the time of his arrest, Wilson gave an alias to Lancaster deputies, but his identity was discovered over the weekend when his fingerprints were matched via computer to those on file in San Diego, Robinson said. San Diego police were notified Monday that Wilson had been arrested.

Wilson will be arraigned today in Los Angeles County in connection with a burglary case. San Diego County marshals will probably bring Wilson back from Lancaster later this week, Robinson said.

Wilson is also being held without bail on a state warrant for violating parole, Robinson said. Details of Wilson’s previous criminal record were not immediately available.