$143,OOO Allocated for Traffic Committee

The Glendale City Council on Tuesday fulfilled its pledge to initiate traffic reduction measures by allocating $143,000 toward formation of a public and private traffic management association.

The funds, described as "seed money" by City Manager David Ramsay, will be used to organize representatives of the largest private employers, as well as city officials, to develop and market a variety of traffic reduction programs, including ride-sharing and staggered work hours.

Most of the money is expected to be recovered by the city within a year through state and local grants, pledges from private businesses and fare revenue from public transportation, Public Works Director George A. Miller said. The public-private committee is eventually expected to become self-supporting, city officials said.

Councilman John F. Day cast the single vote against allocating the funds, saying the action may be premature because the committee has not yet been formed.

Councilman Larry Zarian said using city funds will set an example for private employers. "We have said that traffic management is the city's No. 1 priority," he said.

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