Rename Stadium for Landry, Papers Urge : Editorial Criticizes ‘Callous End to Glorious Career’ of Cowboys Coach

From Associated Press

The Dallas Times Herald and Dallas Morning News today launched editorial campaigns to get new Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and the Irving City Council to rename Texas Stadium in honor of former coach Tom Landry.

Jones fired Landry last Saturday after buying the National Football League team from H. R. (Bum) Bright.

The editorial in the Dallas Morning News also contained strong criticism of the manner in which Jones fired Landry, calling it “a callous end to a glorious career.”

The Times Herald included a coupon on its editorial page today for Dallas residents to sign up in support of the drive to rename the stadium in suburban Irving in honor of the man who coached the team for 29 years, including 20 consecutive winning seasons and five Super Bowl appearances.


“As we pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and start all over again, we will always glimpse Tom Landry watching us from the sideline,” the Times Herald said.

“What better way to actualize this psychological reality than to rename Texas Stadium for him? Clint Murchison Jr. built the stadium, but it was Mr. Landry and his Cowboys who made it live,” the Times Herald said.

The editorial called on the Irving City Council to change the name and for Jones to insist upon it.

The Morning News editorial noted that Landry’s firing “should stun and infuriate people who don’t even follow professional sports.”


“In a society where there is still a sometimes naive belief that great performance and loyal service will be rewarded, the callous dismissal of the Dallas Cowboys coach stings like the snap of a wet towel,” the News said.

“But Mr. Jones’ unfeeling treatment of the coach who built this team from nothing to world champion indicates he still has a lot to learn about the relationship between the Cowboys and their fans,” the News added.

“A few winning seasons probably will ease the pain of the current transition,” the editorial continued. “But Mr. Jones can speed up the healing process by acknowledging the lack of respect he has shown for one of pro football’s most respected coaches and making a public apology.”

“A good step toward making amends was suggested during Mr. Jones’ news conference Monday--the renaming of Texas Stadium for Tom Landry. That would be a fitting tribute for someone whose name always will be linked with the Dallas Cowboys,” the editorial said.