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The Right to Life League, upset over a three-segment story on "TV 101" that deals with teen-age sexuality, pregnancy and abortion, is launching a letter-writing campaign to get CBS affiliates to pull the third segment of the show from its scheduled March 11 airing. The three-parter began last Saturday. Susan Carpenter-McMillan of the Right to Life League said the group is upset "because the series only got advice from Planned Parenthood," an organization that has supported the pro-choice position on abortion. "I'm outraged they didn't even consult us." Karl Schaefer, the show's executive producer, said Planned Parenthood was consulted only for technical details of their counseling sessions and about abortion and not for a "moral viewpoint." CBS affiliates in Salt Lake City, Rochester, N.Y., and Little Rock, Ark., have refused to broadcast the show.

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