TV Viewers Rise Up to Defend the ‘Married’ Life

It’s frightening what kind of influence one person can have. Several weeks ago Terry Rakolta, a housewife from Bloomfield Hills, Mich., a wealthy Detroit suburb, launched a passionate, half-crazed, one-woman letter-writing campaign to protest what she considers anti-family and sexual sentiments in the TV sitcom, “Married . . . With Children.” The action prompted at least one sponsor to terminate its advertising and several others to consider doing so.

I respect Ms. Rakolta’s opinions, but she in no way speaks for me or the millions of other viewers who enjoy this show. If she can’t appreciate its offbeat, adult humor, she has several options, including turning the TV set off or to another program.

I am disappointed in some of the show’s sponsors, who seem to have about as much backbone as a chocolate eclair.



See today’s article on FOX TV programming, Page 4. On March 8 Calendar ran two articles under the headline “‘Married’ . . . With Controversy” and on March 4 published a report headed “Won’t Yield to Attack on Show, Fox Says.”