Concrete Curtain

The new bayfront plan now being proposed for Chula Vista is a monstrosity! And it is to be built on the few acres on our bayfront remaining to be developed--between E and F streets, west of Interstate 5 to the bayfront.

The plan features two 26-story hotels, four 15-story hotel/apartment buildings, one 8-story hotel, and so many 2-, 3- and 4-story buildings that the bay will be blocked from view--except from the hotel and apartment buildings. For the rest of us, it is a Concrete Curtain.

This proposed development is extremely dense and would generate terrific amounts of traffic. We have all had to be patient about bayfront development. We had an approved plan that earned very wide acceptance, but it was lost in the courts. But we have not waited all these years to end up accepting a plan that virtually excludes public access and irrevocably changes the character of Chula Vista.

We encourage all your readers who are alarmed about this use of our priceless jewels--our bayfront--to contact members of the Chula Vista City Council and express your concern.


Chula Vista