The following is a transcript of a 911 emergency call Santa Ana police received on the night four men escaped from the Orange County Jail. The call at 7:32 p.m. on Nov. 20 is the first notice to authorities of the breakout. The Sheriff’s Department discovered men were missing 29 minutes later. The caller below describes escapee Elanzor Gonzalez, an accused killer, removing his jail clothes just after the escape.

Caller: There’s a guy right here that’s . . . he’s, I guess he’s out here undressing or something. He’s on, between 6th and Shelton. He’s out there dressing.

Dispatcher: He’s what?

C: He escaped from some, from someplace.


D: I’m not understanding what you’re saying. What’s he doing?

C: He escaped from someplace, from the jail or something. He’s changing clothes or something.

D: Oh, he’s undressing in the street or something?

C: Yeah.


D: Where is he at?

C: 6th . . . it’s over here on 6th and Shelton.

D: 6th and Shelton?

C: Around the corner from the jail.

D: What exactly is he doing?

C: I don’t know.

D: Well, what’s he doing that you want to report to the police?

C: Well, I heard he escaped from the jail.


D: Well, what about it? Oh, he escaped from the jail?

C: That’s what we heard. I don’t know. Somebody called, I guess.

D: He’s in jail clothing and he’s . . .

C: He’s, he’s changing clothes. He’s at 6th and, 6th and, 6th and ah, 6th and ah, Shelton.

D: OK, hold on a second there.

C: He probably left.

D: OK, and you’re, what’s your name?

C: Ah, just come over.


D: No, just tell me your name.

C: Just come and pick him up.

D: I have your address, sir. . . .

C: Yeah, right down the street.

D: OK, so you’re seeing a man . . . is the male white, black or Hispanic?

C: Mexican.

D: Male Hispanic or . . .

C: Yeah.

D: Male Hispanic?

C: Yeah.

D: Changing, appears to be taking off jail clothing? . . . OK, is he inside or outside or where?

C: Outside.

D: On the street?

C: Yeah.

D: Is, do you see the marks on there that say the jail?

C: Let me . . . hold on.

D: OK.

C: He left already.

D: Do you know what way he left?

C: Well, he went down Shelton, down Shelton.

D: He went down on, he went on Shelton?

C: Yeah, south.

D: South on Shelton?

C: Yeah, right next to the Orange County Jail.

D: OK, I understand where you’re at, sir. I just wanted to know what, can you tell me anything about him? What he looks like? What he put on?

C: He’s a Mexican, but he changed clothes.

D: OK, did he leave the clothing there?

C: Yeah, right next door to my house.

D.: OK, so he left it in front of your house.

C: Next door.

D: Next door. OK, can you contact the officers when they come out?

C: (inaudible).

D: OK, thank you.