Monarch Butterflies

As insignificant as the protection of butterflies and their habitat may seem in an era of nuclear tensions, I was pleased to read in your editorial that development of Santa Barbara’s northern coast is being hindered by swarms of Monarchs living in the eucalyptus groves there.

I am fortunate enough to be one of the people whose homes and back yards these delicate creatures grace with their presence, adding beauty and color to an area that is quickly becoming overcrowded and stressful.

Even if not everyone is able to come and enjoy the sight of thousands of orange and black butterflies flying freely and serving absolutely no economic purpose, I believe that most are content just knowing that there are places in the state where phenomena like this still exist. If we lose these groves and their ethereal inhabitants, then we all lose something beyond measure for the poor exchange of a resort hotel and a few condos.

One can only hope the Monarchs survive the political process that will decide their fate.

Please do what you can to help.