Flower Power Redux

Get out your daisy chain and petal on down to your nearest boutique because the daisy--as a fashion statement--is showing up in a big way on hats, in pins, earrings, and on prints for dresses, camisoles, blouses, pants and skirts.

“The daisy is a very big thing this spring,” says Teddy Tsatzkes, owner of Body in Sherman Oaks. “We have hats with fake daisies on them, and the top of the hat is covered with silk. Almost every girl who walks in here has fainted when she’s seen the hats because they’re so gorgeous,” says Tsatzkes, who sells the hats for $50.

At Kean’s, also in Sherman Oaks, manager Renee Kean says the flower is getting a lot of power in prints. “It’s kind of a ‘60s look,” says Kean, whose daisy-printed clothes range from $84 to $158. “We do a lot of the daisy print in rayons, chiffons and cotton. It’s a black background with a very bright yellow daisy print.”

Some of Kean’s customers are wild or daring enough to wear a complete daisy ensemble, but most women are choosing a daisy-covered camisole or halter top as an accent piece. “Although we have sold the outfit together, most people are choosing a daisy camisole with, say, the solid black jersey skirt,” Kean says.


Some customers are dizzied by the daisies. “People say, ‘Oh, look! Are those really coming back?’ They say, ‘It’s the ‘60s. Look, remember that?’ ” she says.

Daisy Mae would be proud.