LifeSavers Hopes Buyers Want a Taste of Nostalgia

From Associated Press

Planters LifeSavers Co. hopes customers hungry for nostalgia will savor the return of its old-fashioned flavors not seen on store shelves in decades.

The company’s Holland plant recently began producing the “Limited Edition Nostalgia Flavors"--"Lic-O-Rice,” “Choc-O-Late” and “Pepsin.” Stores began carrying them a week ago.

All three of the limited edition flavors were developed in the 1920s. Lic-O-Rice and Pepsin were discontinued in 1938, and Choc-O-Late was produced until 1968.

“Our society’s general interest in nostalgia is booming these days, and many Americans associate LifeSavers candy with warm memories of their childhood and quieter, simpler life styles,” said Jeff Walters, associate product manager for the Winston-Salem, N.C.-based company.


Company officials said the three flavors will be sold for a limited time in a response to consumers’ requests.

When LifeSavers candies first rolled into stores in 1912, Pep-O-Mint was the only flavor available.

Over the years, 45 flavors have been sold at various times, and 34 billion rolls have been purchased. Currently, 17 flavors are on the market.