Gunshots Disable Deputies’ Patrol Car


Two sheriff’s deputies were unhurt when gunfire hit their patrol car and disabled the vehicle on a street in the Athens area of South Los Angeles early Monday, authorities said.

Deputies Ralph Nishihira and Jeff Shrout were headed west on Century Boulevard about 1:25 a.m. when they heard a muffled shot and then the sound of breaking glass, Deputy Pat Hunter said.

When the deputies “heard a louder, second shot,” a red Toyota Celica pulled up next to their patrol car and the two men inside “stated they were being shot at,” Hunter said.


The Toyota sped off and the deputies’ radio car suddenly stalled and died, he said.

“When the deputies got out to search for the cause of the vehicle trouble, they discovered the patrol car had been hit by the gunfire,” Hunter said. The bullet, which struck the car’s left rear quarter panel, may have severed a fuel line, he said.

“There is no indication the deputies were the intended target,” he said.

Deputies cordoned off the area and searched for the gunman, but no arrests were made. The Toyota had not been found, Hunter said.