Intercultural Etiquette

As a “wannabe"--a so-called “Anglo-Saxon” who speaks fluent Spanish and associates almost exclusively with Mexicans (married to a non-English speaking Mexican, speaking Spanish more often than English for more than 40 years, with a college degree from a Mexican university)--I feel that I have the credentials to state that “Intercultural Etiquette” (by Itabari Njeri, April 2) was an affront to all the different peoples living in this nation.

If a particular culture is “superior,” its adherents can more easily maximize their spiritual, mental and economic progress. If it is “inferior,” its adherents will pick strawberries for and clean the toilets of the superior cultures with which it coexists, just as illiterates will be dishwashers and college graduates will be the dishwashers’ bosses. Therefore, the “Great American Halloween Party,” the devilish disease of “preserving national cultures,” and the insanity forcing people to value “ethnic identity” more highly than individual morality, values and mental-social-physical-material well being, are the last weapons of racist economic-sociopolitical knavery!

Doesn’t it seem strange that after civil rights laws were passed and rigidly enforced, the minorities suddenly began to “want” to keep themselves isolated “culturally” and linguistically from the wrongly identified “Anglo-Saxon” mainstream? Who told them that they wanted to preserve their “cultural uniqueness and awareness?” Didn’t they get the “news” of what they were “wanting” from the American news media, the lackeys of privileged, selfish, power brokers.

Why don’t you honestly confess why you really want people like the Mexicans to rebel against total immersion in the greater society? You want to keep on buying cheap beans and manufactured clothes. Right?