Simple Tool Shuts Off Gas in a Snap


The Emergency Gas Shutoff Tool is so clever, it’s hard to imagine no one thought of it before. It’s a heavy aluminum bar with a slot that fits over the gas meter’s shut-off valve so you can turn off the gas in a hurry if you need to.

The 11 1/2-inch long tool has good leverage for turning, and is stamped with the proper position of the valve--vertical when the gas is on; horizontal when off. It also has a small hole on one end, making it easy for you to attach it to the meter by a cord.

Bruce Gamache, sales representative for the City of Orange tool manufacturer, recommends that you show your family how to use the device in case an emergency, such as a major earthquake or fire, arises.


The Emergency Gas Shutoff Tool costs $5.99, plus $1.25 for shipping and handling. To order--with a check or money order--contact National Concepts Inc., 1938 N. Batavia, Suite M, Orange, Calif. 92665; phone (714) 921-1674.

Miniature Jerseys

Mindful of the Garfield cat figures that numerous drivers stick on their car windows, Sports Hang-Ups Inc. of Canoga Park, Calif., is now offering baseball fans miniature team jerseys that hang from suction cups.

The jerseys, made of cloth and on mini-hangers, are available for all 26 major league teams and are licensed by Major League Baseball.

Next year, according to the manufacturer, the mini-shirt hang-up line will include items for professional football, hockey and basketball teams. The football and hockey jerseys will be similar to those for baseball; basketball jerseys will be tank tops. In the works, too, are jerseys in school colors for college teams, each with a replica of the university’s mascot on the front.

Suggested retail for Sports Hang-Ups is $6.95 and they are available nationwide at gift shops, sporting goods stores, carwashes, some airport gift shops and some department stores. To locate an outlet, write Sports Hang-Ups Inc., 8245 Remmet St., Canoga Park, Calif. 91304; phone (818) 713-1092.

No-Slip Tub Strips

Another California company has just introduced Safe-Tee Strips, a stick-on product to keep you from slipping in the bathtub, shower or spa. They’re transparent and barely visible after installed.


Don Reinke, president of Orbis International, a manufacturer based in Santa Paula, says the strips will “become a permanent part of the bathtub or shower and will not peel around the edges as so often is the case of popular other do-it-yourself non-slip products.” They also don’t readily build up dirt and soap scum.

Safe-Tee Strips should be applied to a clean surface, he explained. They work well on porcelain, steel or smooth fiberglass tubs.

Safe-Tee Strips come in two sizes. The tub package includes eight strips, 1x12 inches, for $9.95; the shower package has 12 squares, 3x3 inches, for $12.95. To order write Orbis International, P.O. Box 112, Santa Paula, Calif. 93060; phone (805) 933-3507).

Get Organized

If you waste a lot of time looking under the sofa or behind the TV or VCR for your remote control units, you might want to try out the Fuzi remote control and entertainment guide organizer from US Products in Carson.

It’s a small black plastic holder--3 1/2 inches high by 5 inches long--for one or two channel changers and a television guide. The remote control units attach to each side with Velcro strips, and you can slip an entertainment guide in between. There are felt pads for the bottom, so the organizer won’t scratch surfaces.

The new remote organizer costs $2.99, plus $1.35 for shipping and handling and can be ordered from US Products, 121 E. 229th St., Carson, Calif. 90745; phone (213) 835-3803. Allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.