Kell Launches His Campaign for 2nd Term as Mayor

Mayor Ernie Kell launched his reelection campaign for a second term last week, declaring that he has accomplished much as the city's first full-time mayor.

Kell, a former councilman and mayor before the job became subject to public citywide election, sounded familiar themes as he spoke to a crowd of supporters on the patio of his east Long Beach home.

Among his achievements he cited the creation of education and historic preservation offices at City Hall and support of human services. He mentioned his concern for traffic and growth issues and said he would appoint a task force to examine methods of paying for additional police officers.

Elected last year to a partial term, Kell would serve for a full four-year term if reelected next April. He already faces opposition from Councilman Tom Clark of the 4th District, who announced in April that he would run and contends that Kell has not demonstrated leadership in the new post.

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