'Putting a Film Protest in Focus'

The maunderings of Del Olmo seem to be getting more and more shrill these days, but one must admire his footwork in his latest column as he does a wondrous two-step around the First Amendment to find a way to condemn a UCLA student's film. If he thinks he can thus remain true to his belief in free expression, he should think again.

As always, it comes down to whose ox is being gored, and Del Olmo leaves no doubt on this score. Since he views this as a Latino ox that is being gored, he sees nothing wrong with suspending the First Amendment. And, as he tells us, he is one of few Latinos who can write things which will be published and read by "a lot of people."

He would do us all a favor by trying to think of himself as an American journalist rather than as the mouthpiece of an ethnic group, and this would also clear up his thinking about free expression for all.



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