Compton : Low Percentage of Residents Among Hotel Hires Noted

More than 100 people have been hired to work at the Compton Lazben Hotel but only 27 of them are Compton residents, despite an agreement between the hotel developers and the city that the majority of employees would be Compton residents.

One Compton resident who has a job is Camille Tucker, daughter of Mayor Walter R. Tucker. She is to be a concierge at the hotel, which is located alongside the Artesia (91) Freeway and is scheduled to open Aug. 15.

Another city official with a relative on the hotel payroll is Michael Nuby, deputy director of the city's Redevelopment Agency. Nuby's wife, Darlinda, is to be an administrative assistant in the hotel's personnel department.

Most of the Compton residents have been hired for low-level jobs such as housekeeper, dishwasher, parking attendant, security guard and busboy, according to a list supplied to the City Council by the Redevelopment Agency staff.

"What happened to the engineers, the managers?" Councilman Maxcy Filer complained at a meeting Tuesday.

If the hiring patterns continue, Filer said, only 25% of all the hotel employees will be Compton residents.

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