HIGH LIFE: A WEEKLY FORUM FOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS : Teen Dress Trends: Some Like It Fluorescent, Some Don't

From "Rings on her fingers and bells on her toes" to toe rings and bell bottoms, everyone has an opinion as to what's hot and what's not in the world of fashion.

As Orange County's teen-age population is diverse, so is its taste. Hot Topics wonders: "What is your favorite and least favorite fashion trend?"

"I like volleyball stuff and beach clothes. I don't like dark stuff and skanky clothes."

Scott Anderson, 16, junior, Capistrano Valley

"I like hats and fluorescent colors, but I don't like long skirts that go below my knees."

Frances Coon, 15, freshman, Corona del Mar

"I hate those friendship bracelets, but I like neon and bright-colored clothes that contrast with dark colors."

Amy Marino, 14, freshman, Corona del Mar

"My least favorite would have to be biking shorts. They're so rude. My favorite is the classic miniskirt, in denim."

Adrienne Moore, 15, sophomore, Corona del Mar

"I like Stussy clothes. I don't like punk-rock-style and black-on-black clothes."

Jason Randono, 17, senior, Corona del Mar

"Batman clothes are my least favorite. Birkenstocks (suede sandals) are my favorite."

Cammie Zenz, 15, sophomore, Corona del Mar

"I like vests and tank tops. I don't like those big, long puffy skirts that go all the way down to your ankles, and I don't like plaid."

Tricia Longnecker, 14, freshman, Costa Mesa

"I like surfer styles and vests. I don't like . . . I hate hot pink. And skirts, I hate skirts."

Jennifer Poetoehena, 14, freshman, Costa Mesa

"I love the color black, so I like anything that has black. I also like short miniskirts. I don't like long skirts and animal or jungle prints."

Delia Sanchez, 17, senior, Costa Mesa

"I don't really care. I like all the styles, I guess."

Matt Polentz, 15, sophomore, Edison

"I like the classic look--conservative and kind of dressy. I don't like the shabby look, with ripped jeans and stuff like that."

Jillian Duncan, 17, senior, El Modena

"Fluorescent colors are my favorites. I hate it when people wear hats with their clothes."

Lesli Steinert, 15, sophomore, El Toro

"I like fanny packs just because they're easy to carry. My least favorite thing is L.A. Gear (shoes)."

Jennifer Barish, 16, junior, Fountain Valley

"I don't like being preppie, but I like the casual look."

Arin Johnson, 14, freshman, Fountain Valley

"I don't like trendy things; I like to dress originally, not like in little skirts with neon colors."

Sherri Peterson, 17, senior, Fountain Valley

"I like the preppie look, but I don't like the sloppy look, like when you don't care about how you look."

Tammy Rapp, 13, freshman, Fountain Valley

"I like anything, except tube tops. I like jeans a lot."

Kathleen Turnbaugh, 15, sophomore, Fountain Valley

"My least favorite is the whole black style, with black on black and all. My favorite would be the really trendy stuff, like Debbie Gibson wears, and in Seventeen magazine."

Elisa Gonzales, 15, freshman, Mater Dei

"I like the sporty beach or surf style, and denim. I don't like skin-tight clothes. I like it when you can move around and your clothes aren't restricting."

Andrea Steinberger, 12, freshman, Mission Viejo

"My least favorite is funk. Vogue is my favorite."

Elizabeth Medina, 16, sophomore, Mountain View

"I don't like fluorescents; they're the worst. I do like Esprit clothes."

Lisa Calvano, 14, sophomore, Ocean View

"I don't like the valley girl trend, like how they talk and dress. I like to wear sweats, T-shirts and cut-off sweats for shorts, because they're comfortable and you can do anything in them."

Sharon Clairemont, 15, sophomore, Orange

"T-shirts and shorts are my favorites. My least favorite are 'peace' things, and I can't stand when people wear all that fluorescent stuff."

Angie Hall, 14, sophomore, Orange

"My least favorite are neon shorts. Flojos (sandals) are my favorite. I don't like fluorescent T-shirts and shorts, because they're gaudy looking."

Christy Jacobs, 17, senior, Orange

"Denim shorts are my favorite. My least-favorite style is long, loose skirts."

Sherry Aguilar, 16, junior, Saddleback

"Big hairdos are my least favorite, and baggy and loose clothes are my favorite."

Danny Saldivar, 13, freshman, Saddleback

"Italian high class, totally. That's my favorite. Those new bell-bottom things, those Vogue-style pants . . . those are crazy."

Chrissy Johnson, 16, junior, Trabuco Hills

"My favorite would be casual classy clothes. Leather jackets are awesome. I wish I had one. My least favorite are those trendy little ruffle skirts with tight, short, biker-style pants underneath."

Kim Oliver, 16, junior, Trabuco Hills

"I don't like people with big hair styles. I like loose clothes."

Alan Gonzalez, 13, freshman, Troy

"I like fluorescents, but I don't really have a least favorite."

Amy Allen, 15, junior, Tustin

"I like bright colors, but I don't like those really short shirts, like crop tops."

Jody Allen, 17, senior, Tustin

"I like Giorgio Armani and Perry Ellis--long-sleeve, button-down shirts."

Jeff Huang, 16, junior, University

"I like the G.Q. look at night, and T-shirts and shorts--really casual--during the day. When I go out, I like to really make a fashion statement. Really nothing is my least favorite, except old-fashioned clothes or anything out-of-date."

Mike Ventura, 16, junior, University

"My least favorite is probably fluorescent. My favorite clothes are colorful cotton T-shirts, like tie-dyed."

Kristina Yoseloff, 16, junior, Valencia

"I don't like the real neon, like neon shoelaces. I like Nike--shoes and apparel."

Mike Fender, 17, senior, Woodbridge

"Too trendy is yucky. The European look is cool. Wet Seal is too trendy."

Phoebe Hwang, 16, junior, Woodbridge

"I like surf and beach clothes. I don't like the cut-off jeans look."

David Nguyen, 16, junior, Woodbridge

"My least favorite is that dark brown-khaki-greenish color. I don't really know what my favorite is."

Vivian Phan, 13, freshman, Woodbridge

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