Some Brick Buildings Are Sound, Owner Says

In reading the article (about unreinforced masonry buildings, Times, July 13), I felt inspired to add a little more reality so that the reporter may become even more expert on the subject.

My three brick (commercial) buildings are at 6114 through 6130 N. Figueroa St., Los Angeles, and I get no grants or loans or any help from the city. Some smaller cities do help out, but I must pay the full amount . . . to satisfy the earthquake code.

My buildings have solid concrete posts full of heavy steel that the contractor has to drill through in order to erect cement blocks in my windows.

The men have had to rip out interior walls that have 18-inch concrete foundations and solidly mounted wire mesh so tight that it took three men days to remove the concrete and mesh.

My ceilings and floors are anchored to the walls, but the city made us rip all that out and do it over again.

Yes, this is a financial overburden on me, and my buildings were so well built that it's a crime to put my tenants through it.

Besides, the county tax assessor is getting ready to raise my property taxes on the basis that this work is an improvement!

Yes, some buildings are a risk, but mine have been here for 60 years and have never had a problem.

I would like to know if some powerful group with political pull was able to lobby for this work to be done on behalf of their members.


South Pasadena

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