Disrespect for Lawyers and the Courts

Some of us do not love to hate lawyers--but two years of being either ignored or over-charged by some of Southern California’s finest attorneys turned my former admiration to the proverbial ashes and dust in my mouth.

To be told by more than one, “It does not pay me to take a case only involving $7,000" only becomes understandable when one remembers the hourly charges as shown in a recent Times article. Most of the local attorneys charge more per hour than I can earn in one day. It takes me a very long time to save up $7,000 let alone the sanctions ordered by a judge.

As a widow still unable to work full-time, I am falling so far behind in my debts that there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel. What seems left is either bankruptcy or suicide.


The legal system is set up by attorneys--but if one is too rich for charity and too poor to pay an attorney, there is no place left to turn. My husband was a World War II veteran with five medals. He never used one red cent of his veterans benefits--but his widow cannot find anyone in the legal system to help.


Los Angeles