Day-Old Boy Found Behind Liquor Store

A day-old boy, swaddled in a towel and placed in a brown paper bag, was found near a dumpster behind an Anaheim liquor store Monday.

The newborn was found apparently abandoned on the ground outside Lincoln Liquor Store in the 2800 block of West Ball Road at 3:30 p.m., Police Lt. Ray Welch said.

Liquor store owner Sam Chun said a woman who works at a flower shop next-door to his shop spotted the infant when she went to the dumpster to dispose of some trash.

Paramedics took the baby to the Humana Hospital-West Anaheim. A hospital spokeswoman said the infant weighs seven pounds, has light brown hair and is doing well.

"His condition is healthy," Welch said. "But the entire incident breaks our heart." Welch said police intend to keep the infant in protective custody at the hospital.

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