Racer Prost Says Archrival Driven Too Much by Success

From Associated Press

World driving champion Alain Prost was quoted today as saying archrival Ayrton Senna “destroyed” Formula One racing with his obsession with success.

“He is a computer; he sees only the success. He is risking his life just to win and to become world champion. I find this price is too high,” Prost was quoted as saying in the East German newspaper Deutsches Sportecho.

Prost took the Formula One title away from Senna this year in a season marked by crashes on the track and clashes between the two McLaren-Honda teammates.

The two barely acknowledged each other through most of the season and Prost accused McLaren of favoring Senna, especially after the French driver announced that he would compete for Ferrari next year.


Their final battle involved the championship itself.

Senna and Prost collided in the next-to-last Grand Prix of the season, in Japan. Prost was knocked out of the race but Senna managed to get started again and crossed the finish line first before organizers declared that he had re-entered the track illegally.

The victory went to Alessandro Nannini, and Senna’s disqualification gave Prost the season title.

The International Automobile Federation then fined Senna $100,000 and banned him from driving for six months, with the ban suspended on condition that the Brazilian show more concern for safety on the track. McLaren says it will take the case to court.


Prost, however, said Senna had gone too far.

“Senna destroyed the Formula One by thinking only about success,” Prost was quoted as saying in the interview.

Prost said he was leaving the McLaren team because he was beginning to miss “the human side.”