NAMES IN THE NEWS : Lauper on Madonna, Music, Men

From Times Wire Services

"I'm not a sex bomb," Cyndi Lauper says. "I don't look like Ursula Andress but wouldn't mind either to look like her."

The rock star told a news conference in Mexico over the weekend that she hates comparisons with other singers, like Madonna. "I've been studying music for years--that makes things different. What Madonna does is great, but we're kind of different," she said.

Lauper came to Mexico after performing in Venezuela. "They were really wild," Lauper said. "The youngsters set the programs on fire and threw them to the stage. I had to laugh at it, but I was really scared." Asked if she has any plans of getting married, Lauper said, "I have not met yet the perfect man." And what about politics? Said Lauper, "If musicians like Sting believe that they can change the world, well, that is a mission for every citizen and has nothing to do with this profession."

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