Gabor's Jail Sentence Delayed Pending Appeal

The judge who ordered Zsa Zsa Gabor to spend three days in jail for slapping a Beverly Hills motorcycle officer issued a stay of sentence on Tuesday, pending the outcome of Gabor's appeal.

The action by Beverly Hills Municipal Court Judge Charles G. Rubin also frees Gabor--temporarily, at least--from paying $2,937 in fines stemming from her celebrated jury trial in September, Deputy Dist. Atty. Elden Fox said. A Superior Court ruling on the appeal may take three to six months, Fox said.

Despite the appeal, Rubin ordered that Gabor still must meet a Dec. 29 deadline for paying $10,000 in restitution to the Beverly Hills Police Department, since the money was not considered a part of her legal fines, Fox said. In addition, Gabor also must visit a psychiatrist and meet a March 30 deadline for performing 120 hours of community service work.

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