Sen. Alan Cranston’s Stopover at Adams Elementary School

Your front page article on Sen. Alan Cranston’s visit (Dec. 16) failed to cover a very important part of his day in Orange County. His first stop was John Adams Elementary School in Santa Ana to talk about the homeless crisis with 300 fourth- and fifth-grade students.

He came to personally respond to letters they wrote to him as part of a curriculum on housing amd homelessness. Many of the students who wrote to Cranston were homeless or had someone in their family who had experienced homelessness.

There were no protesters, so perhaps that’s why you did not cover it. Compared to his 45-minute tour of Laguna Canyon and his forum at Century High School for 40 people, most of them protesters, Sen. Cranston’s hour spent at John Adams Elementary School seems pretty newsworthy to me.



Newport Beach

Mary Cappellini teaches at the Adams School.