Barkley, Jackson Each Fined $5,000 for Bet

From Associated Press

A friendly wager between Charles Barkley and Mark Jackson turned into a costly one for both players Thursday.

The NBA fined each $5,000 after learning they had a running $500 bet on who makes the big play when Barkley’s Philadelphia 76ers play Jackson’s New York Knicks.

Commissioner David Stern levied the fines after meeting with Barkley and Jackson.

“While I am persuaded that there was nothing more going on here than some verbal jockeying between two friendly rivals, it is my responsibility to make it plain to Messrs. Barkley and Jackson, and everyone else in the NBA, that, on the subject of gambling, even the slightest appearance of impropriety is a serious matter,” Stern said.

Barkley’s short jump shot in the closing seconds Wednesday night in Philadelphia gave the 76ers a 113-111 victory over the Knicks. Jackson missed a three-point basket just before the final buzzer. After the game, Barkley mentioned the running bet he had with Jackson to the media.