If It Rains, Ram and 49er Passing Attacks Should Not Be Affected

The forecast calls for a 30% chance of scattered showers today at Candlestick Park.

Players, naturally are hoping the showers will pass. But even if the showers don't, the Rams and 49ers will.

Ram Coach John Robinson: "Rain really doesn't hurt the passing game at all--unless it's really pouring. It actually affects the pass rush more because the pass rushers don't get off the ball as well."

San Francisco Coach George Seifert: "It's to the offensive team's advantage when it's a bad day. It's stressful for a defensive club. It tends to limit the pass rush and put pressure on the defensive backs because the receivers know where they are going."

Both coaches were quick to point out that each team has a strong passing game and a solid running attack. Both teams, they add, are playing in the same weather. "We can't control it," Robinson said. "It is just another obstacle that we have to overcome."

Asked if he would be at a disadvantage by not getting to play in the rain more often, Ram quarterback Jim Everett pointed out that "Indiana isn't Southern California. Remember, I went to Purdue and it used to rain a little bit there."

He did say that rain probably would be a factor, "but the bigger factor is how we are going to deal with it. I like our chances. I like this team's ability to adjust."

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