Code Violations at Apartments Cost Landlord $5,570


A Wilshire District landlord has been ordered to pay $5,570 in fines, penalties and restitution for allowing potentially life-threatening conditions to exist last year at his apartment building, according to City Atty. James K. Hahn.

Jack Dardashti was convicted Thursday, along with co-owner Dahli Pabon, of allowing slum conditions to exist at the four-story, 28-unit apartment house at 157 S. Catalina St., Hahn said.

The fines were imposed solely on Dardashti because authorities determined he was the most culpable by virtue of his prior experience in the residential property business, Hahn said. Both men were placed on two years' probation.

In a statement, Hahn said that when the charges were filed last Aug. 24, the building contained "potentially life-threatening" problems such as missing fire alarms and fire escapes that were blocked by steel security bars.

"Those kinds of violations can turn a multistory residential facility like this into a deathtrap in the event of a fire," Hahn said.

Deputy City Atty. Michael R. Wilkinson, who is handling the case, said most of the problems--particularly the most serious ones--have been corrected.

Other code violations prior to the filing of the complaint included cockroach infestation, peeling paint and missing or broken windows, Wilkinson said.

Dardashti, 42, a Wilshire District resident, received the sentence from Municipal Court Commissioner Robert J. Sandoval after Dardashti and Pabon pleaded no contest to five violations of various fire, health, and building and safety codes. The two landlords could not be reached for comment.

Sandoval also ordered Dardashti to finish all repairs by Feb. 26.

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