All the Best for His Baby

Compiled by the Fashion staff

Alexander Julian is making a very exclusive line of baby clothes for one child--his own. Seven-month-old Will not only gets his togs custom made in the Julian workrooms in New York, he gets his diapers delivered by chauffeur. Nothing is too good for this little tyke, not even sending the nasty nappies all the way to Connecticut, where the all-cotton non-disposables are organically cleaned and then returned . . . by daddy’s chauffeur, naturally.

‘Cruelty Free Beauty’

The controversy surrounding cosmetic testing on animals is growing, as are the ways to show you care. In fact, it’s as hip to use products not tested on animals as it is to forgo fur coats or pass on tuna entrees. The people at the Toronto-based M.A.C. Cosmetics have come up with a benefit T-shirt that reads “Cruelty Free Beauty.” All of the proceeds from the sale of the $20 black cotton T-shirts go to the Johns Hopkins University Institute for Alternative Testing Methods, according to M.A.C. The company’s cosmetics line is carried at Nordstrom, but the T-shirts are available only by mail order from M.A.C. Cosmetics, 233 Carlton St., Toronto, Canada M5A2L2.

A Tour de Jackets


Who has sold more road tour jackets than the Rolling Stones and the Who? New Kids on the Block. It seems there is nothing quite so zealous as the love young girls have for that band and their spinoff merchandise--like the $89 Hangin’ Tough Tour jackets sold on MTV and Nickelodeon. Erik Roede of Emea Merchandising, the Carson company that sells the jackets to the 8- to 13-year-old New Kids audience, says he has even gotten fan mail. “In all my years of selling road tour jackets, this is the first time I’ve ever had anyone write and thank me for taking their money.”

Trenchant Commentary

Is there something about a woman in a trench coat? The Columbia Bar and Grill in Hollywood has become the stage for a bevy of female notables sporting the look, usually cut oversize and worn with a pair of trousers. Madonna appeared so clad when she stopped in Monday night. The Material Girl, often seen in jeans, was decked out in black trousers, a black shirt and pearls, topped off with a gray trench. Madonna’s still true to her new do, which is quite dark and short, as well as to Warren Beatty, who was her dinner companion. Other trench-setting coat wearers seen at the Grill include Kim Novak and Morgan Fairchild.

Spiegel’s New Lineup


There’s a whole lot of name dropping going on inside Spiegel’s 1990 spring catalogue. In addition to the usual stable of labels such as DKNY, Ellen Tracy and Liz Claiborne, there are some new Seventh Avenue sizzlers--Charlotte Neuville, Carmelo Pomodoro and Marc Jacobs for Perry Ellis. The nouvelle design trio is prominently featured, showcasing conservative pieces from their regular spring and resort collections. Not headline-making styles, but originals nonetheless. When Listen phoned the Pomodoro showroom about all of this, Spiegel buyers were there asking for special Speigel-research-approved colors and gearing up for the onslaught of orders. Die-hard Perry Ellis fans might note that the Ellis line won’t be available in stores until Feb. 13, but the Spiegel-sanctioned pieces will be available this month.

A First-Run Gown

Anna Maria Horsford, who plays Thelma Frye on NBC’s “Amen,” will approach the TV altar in her third attempt to wed fiance Reuben Gregory, played by Clifton Davis, on Feb. 3. But don’t expect to see the same wedding dress twice. Nothing about this episode is a rerun, not even the gown. This time it’s a pale pink, beaded, cathedral-length, $3,000 gown by Demetrios from Renee Strauss’s Beverly Hills bridal salon. Would a repeat gown be considered a breach of etiquette? Strauss insists it wouldn’t. “I was engaged to be married a few years ago, and canceled the wedding three days before it was to occur. A year later, I met a wonderful man and we became engaged. I couldn’t afford to buy another dress. There’s nothing tacky about that. It’s just a fashion garment.”

Lug Those Bottles

You and your bottle of designer water might be inseparable, but wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to clutch it in your hand? Robin Veffer of Sherman Oaks thought so and invented the R.V. WaterLug, a mesh bag with a drawstring neck and an adjustable shoulder strap. It fits a 1 1/2 liter bottle of Evian or other pricey water. The former manicurist-turned-entrepreneur says her WaterLug, which retails for $12.95, is available in Los Angeles at Fred Segal on Melrose Avenue and at Dance France on Robertson Boulevard. If you’d like to travel farther to get Veffer’s handy-dandy invention, she mentions that it’s also available “all around the country” and at the Marriott HoOtel in Cairo, Egypt.